High Quality Landscape Curbing Serving The Treasure Valley Since 1999

Getting custom curbing for your home or business has never been easier! Our three-step process ensures you get the curbing you want without any surprises. Follow these three steps to enhance your landscaping in no time!

First, choose one of the three basic styles of landscape curbing: Slanted Edge Mower's Edge Square Curb
Curb King provides a variety of stamp and color options. Adding color allows your landscape curb blend with the overall design of your yard or house, while stamps can bring a unique look to your borders.

Stamp Options:

Color Options:
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10 Benefits of Landscape Curbing:

  • Multiple color and design options
  • Most jobs complete in just one day
  • Reduces edging and trimming time
  • Gives your landscaping a unique look
  • Existing landscape will not be disturbed
  • Professional appearance adds value to your property
  • More economical and durable than traditional lawn edging
  • Design flexibility including flowing curves, straight lines and custom designs
  • Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic or move like brick
  • The concrete provides a durable and long lasting edging that is an extremely effective rock/mulch barrier