Slanted Edge: A very popular style for curb appeal.  The slant design enables stamp and color decorations to be more prominently visible and is a favorite among owners who want curbing to be a decorative component of their landscape. Ideal for edging flower beds, mulched bark and rock areas, and around shrubbery and trees. This design adds texture and depth along with separation where it is usually lacking in landscape designs.

Mower’s Edge: This is the traditional or ‘old school’ style and is popular choice for residential landscaping. It is easy on the eye and makes landscape management a snap. Mowers Edge concrete curbing cannot be stamped with the attractive patterns that are becoming so popular among homeowners who install concrete borders. That being said, Mower’s Edge is a beautiful curbing style that looks great grey or colored and creates an attractive look to the lawn.

Square Curb: If you are looking for more of a block style curb this is it. On a new landscape, the curb will be roughly 1-2 inches taller than your grass giving a good edge to mow and line trim against. The 4 inch back is tall enough for great retention of your mulch or rock. This style can be colored and stamped.

For more styles, such as parking lot and commercial curb please see Industrial.